Bridges and Pathways 2 Success (BP2S)

Program Overview

Bridges and Pathways 2 Success (BP2S) is an incubation program formed through a partnership between the National Consortium for Mental Health Counselors 
(NCMHC) and FOCUS Group Solutions (FGS).

Program Outline

Master-level students and residents who have completed their course work or have a conferred CACREP, mental health counseling degree.  Under this program, students and recent graduates will provide counseling under the supervision of a licensed professional.  The BP2S candidates earned credit hours,  are applied to the total required hours needed for graduation or toward state required hours toward licensure.  The structure of the program, address a greater need of increasing the number of licensed professionals in the community. The intent of our program, will develop the next generation of mental health providers and give hope of addressing mental health and the alarming number of suicides in the Veteran/military and greater community. 



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