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Mental Health Awareness Month - Setting Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries can sometime feel like self-created captivity and isolation.  Boundaries are not captive at all, and not always intended for you.  Boundaries, allow you to keep unhealthy behaviors out of your relationship and support the creation of positive cognitions, redirecting and replacing negative cognitions. Boundaries are an important element of any relationship, albeit romantic, friendship, and professional.  Creating boundaries include personal values, needs, wants, and limits - I like to refer to them as building blocks, for building a cohesive and balanced relationship.  Why is building healthy relationships important?  Relationships impact every aspect of our lives. some more influential than others.  Other important aspects of relationships is the mutuality (e.g. respect, love, communication, and empathy), without it there is no relationship - well at least not a healthy one.  

As you adopt these important aspects of boundaries, remember to be true to yourself in its development.  This will allow YOUR set boundaries to proceed you and become applicable to all relatiionships.

Be peaceful.

DB Valentine 


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